We wash and seal concrete, decks, and stone pavers for homeowners and businesses across the area...


Some of the most damaging conditions in the country for exterior pavements can be found alive and well in the Central Indiana Area. From dreaded potholes to cracking of our highways and roads, to our own driveways in front of our homes, Re-sealing is the best defense against the elements of mother nature and mankind. 

Inevitable Conditions:

Freeze and Thaw 

Temperature swings of 100+ degrees from season to season

Heavy Traffic

De-Icing Materials, Brine, Salts

Automotive Fluids

Common Spills

Natural Staining

ALL of these elements can be damaging to your concrete, pavers, natural stone, or deck surface or affect it in some way and are quite inevitable. 

Benefits of Re-Sealing:

Provide an extra layer of protection from the above

Provide protection of surface appearance

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Common Surface Wear

Common Surface Wear

Common Surface Wear

Common Surface Wear

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